vampire vehicle

Okay, I know it's been way too long since I posted anything, but I kinda took the summer off to concentrate on a few big projects and try to get a little fun in when I could. I do have a lot to share, and hopefully I will be a little more on top of things here.

I miss all my talented internet illustrator friends and I will try to come by and check out what you've been up to lately.

Have a great Halloween!


pirate island

Hey everybody! Hope your summer is off to a great start. I'm totally buried in work right now, but hoping to see some light at the end of this tunnel sometime soon. 
I did want to take a second to post this 100 piece pirate puzzle I did for Mudpuppy recently, which is available now. Check it out here.  Now, it's back to work for me...aaaaaaaaargh.


baby animal cards

some card designs I did a while back for new baby...


cma gift shop

I went to the Cleveland Museum of Art yesterday and found my robot play scene in the gift shop
...right between Renoir and Charley Harper!



...or should they just be called glass?



Fifi Fideaux

Fifi was quite pleased with the job her interior decorator had done on her dog house. 
After all, pink is her favorite color.


robot world

I was going through some of my old files when I realized that I never posted this.
I did this robot vinyl sticker set for Mudpuppy a while back. I love drawing robots.
It was also a lot of fun creating their environment-set in the not too distant future 
when robots rule the world. Well, this world, anyway.

Check 'em out here.


monster guitar t-shirt

 I've been wanting to make t-shirts for a while and finally got around to it. My first design is this little guy, silkscreened in three colors on a buff background. You can pick one up on my Etsy site here. Check it out.


gobble gobble

Dexter always finds that a few cranberry martinis help him get through this particularly stressful holiday.

Hope everyone has a great turkey day! Don't eat (or drink) too much...and don't talk politics at the table. It never turns out well.


happy halloween

                      Have a fun and spooky halloween-don't let those scary things get to you.


walking the dog

Just a couple of pieces I did a while back for Today's Parent magazine. I would love to get a dog, but I'm afraid it would end up looking like the first picture rather than the second one.



Paul had no problem sleeping in, despite his height to bed ratio. 



What's up everybody? I was lucky to get the opportunity to create this alien puzzle for Crocodile Creek a while back, and it's finally available. I had a lot of fun with this one. I sketched a ton of aliens, but eventually narrowed it down to these guys. The background was influenced by the old Roadrunner cartoons I grew up watching as a kid. I guess those countless hours spent glued to the TV watching Saturday morning cartoons have paid off after all.
Some of the alien characters left their planet to wind up on this cool rubber ball too. Check it out!


monster fun!

I know I'm constantly apologizing for my sporadic blogging, so I won't this time. I did want to show you guys some of the things I've been up to lately, though.

I did this reusable vinyl sticker playset for Peaceable Kingdom a while back and it's finally out! The folks at Peaceable Kingdom are great to work with, and they produce lots of really fun stuff.  Check 'em out here. I designed the monsters, an interior and exterior background, and did the art for the package. I really had a blast working on this project and I'm thrilled with the results. C'mon, who doesn't love drawing monsters?!



Hey everybody! I recently got back from a trip to NYC, where I had the good fortune to attend the Society of Illustrators show. I got this portrait of a lion accepted into this year's publication. Of course, it was loads of fun and great to have a little break. I'm back in Cleveland now, trying to play catch-up with all the work that got neglected while I was away tearing up those streets of Manhattan. Oh well...back to reality.


bean counter

I did this fun counting game illustration for Clubhouse Jr. magazine a few months back. When I received a sample of the publication, I was thrilled to see that I was sharing the pages with my favorite soul sistah, the lovely and talented Vanessa Brantley Newton

The art director, Kathleen Gray, is great to work with and asked me to make the boy African American and give him cool hair. I had a lot of fun with this one- especially his hair!


brainwashed II

Hey everybody. I've got a bunch more silkscreens up on my etsy site. This is one I did for a solo show last year. Check 'em out when you get a chance. More to come...



Hey everybody-I'm in the process of setting up shop on Etsy where I'll be selling original silkscreens and t-shirts. This is the first silkscreen I have up, but there will be a bunch more shortly. I did this relaxing Sasquatch for a group show a couple of months ago. I also did a blue version as well. Check out my Etsy site here. Much more to come!


from christmas past

a couple of old designs I had lying around...hope everyone has a great holiday and a prosperous new year.


brushing pets

I did this for an article on pet dental hygiene for Family Circle magazine a while back. I'd hate to see the hairballs that get clogged in that drain...


mudpuppy dino puzzle

Hey everybody! I know it's been a really long time since my last post and I hang my head in blogger shame. I've been super busy working on all kinds of fun stuff that I hope to share at a later date. Until then, I just found out that the dinosaur puzzle I did for Mudpuppy is out just in time for the holidays. I'm really happy with the way it turned out. Check it out here!


monster rockstar

He may not be the most ferocious monster in the world, but he can still play one mean guitar.



This summer, I had the opportunity to make a new friend. Originally from Macau, Neiko Ng is a student at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. I met her while she was interning here in Cleveland over the summer. An amazing talent with a wonderfully charming style, Neiko was always making me laugh with her sly sense of humor. She's back in San Fran now starting her last year and I miss her already.

One morning, she saw me doodling during a meeting, and asked me if she could make a copy of a lion I had just scribbled in my sketchbook. The result was this fantastic little cut paper lion she made and gave to me before she left. I've posted it here, along with a few other pieces I snatched from her blog. Make sure you check out her stuff on her blog and website.

Good luck Neiko-I'm sure you will do very well after graduation!



This is a piece I did this for an issue of Today's Parent a few months back but since it fits the Illustration Friday topic nicely, I thought I'd link it up. The article provides tips for talking to your kids about their report cards. I really enjoy illustrating these articles. The art director, Nicole Chung, is such a pleasure to work with, plus I always seem to learn something along the way!


sleeping pups

I've curled up and fallen asleep in in my womb chair many times, but not quite in this position!
This piece is something I did for a project that never went anywhere so I thought I'd share it.
Hope everyone's having a great weekend.